Kolleruplund will assist you arranging trips during your holiday stays. The surroundings of Vejle offers many attractions of both culture, entertainment and nature.
Among other things it is possible to visit the following attractions near Kolleruplund.


Jelling is on Unesco's list of World Heritage with the great monuments of the Viking Age: Denmark's two biggest burial mounds and two rune stones of which the bigger one is also called Denmark's Birth Certificate. Two rows of menhirs forming an enormous stoneship, Jelling Church, where Denmark's eldest king Gorm den Gamle, forfather of our present Queen Margrethe 2., is buried, and ”Kongernes Jelling” (The Kings' Jelling), a museum which is now a part of The National Museum. Distance from Kolleruplund: 7 km.
Vikingernes Jelling







Legoland is Denmark's largest play-land for children and grown-ups. Enjoy the imaginative models built of 45 mill LEGO-bricks. Distance from Kolleruplund: 25 km.





The Lion Park:
In The Lion Park in Givskud, total area 60 ha, you can see animals from all over the world in large, free areas. On safari in your own car or by the safari bus you get very close to lions, curious ostriches, monkeys, and other animals. Distance from Kolleruplund: 11 km.


Event park for speed freaks, e.g. motor bikes, cross cars, and many other exiting activities. Distance from Kolleuplund: 7 km.
Action Parken






”Økolariet” in Vejle:
A world of impressions, experiences and knowledge.
The ”Ecolarium” is a unique center of knowledge and experience about nature, environment, and energy with subjects like state of nature, cycle of the water, waste and recycling, energy and resources, housing and consumption, technology and innovation. Admission is free.





Uldum Mill:
Fully working Dutch mill with the biggest wing span in Denmark. Today grinding ecologically grown grain into flour for sale. Full admission all over the mill. Distance from Kolleruplund: 14 km.
Uldum Mølle














Jelling Golf Club:
Green fee discount for our visitors: On weekdays Dkr. 250 -10% = 225 Dkr. Weekends Dkr. 300 – 15% = 255 Dkr. Distance from Kolleruplund 9 km.






Other Golf Clubs in the neighbourhood:

Give Golfklub, 20 km, Give golfklub

Vejle Golfklub, 21 km,

Comwell, Kellers Park Golfklub, 30 km
Hedensted Golfklub, 21 km



Jelling Put & Take lake:
In scenic surroundings at Fårup Sø, close to a restaurant and renting of rowing boats. Distance from Kolleruplund 10 km.


Opportunities for swimming:
Nearest salt-water beach is ”Albuen” on the north side of Vejle Fjord (15 km).
Open-air swimming pool in Jelling, 9 km Jelling Friluftsbad.
Swimming bath in Tørring, 9 km Tørring Svømmehal.

Cycling and walking trips: cykel/cykelferie-vejle - vandre/vandreferie-vejle.

Visit also Vejle Tourist Association: visitvejle

Kolleruplund will be delighted to advise you in your choice of excursions. Contact Kolleruplund. (link til forsiden)






















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