Who are we


Kolleruplund has been in the family's possession for more than 90 years. We are the 4th generation at the farm.

Born in 1941. Qualified shop assistant, clerk, and accountant. We married in 1960, and we have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. 1981-2006 registered accountant, FRR, head of the RevisionsKontoret Jytte Aagesen ApS in Uldum (firm of accountants). Sold the firm in 2006. Political and organizational work in the Danish Political Liberal Party. Member of the executive committee of the subscribers' council of Tele Danmark for Jutland. Promotor of a long row of association activities on a local as well as a national basis.

Born in 1936. Qualified mate and veterinary surgeon. Veterinary practitioner from 1965 to 1971. Consultant in Ferrosan from 1972 to 1978. Politically and organizationally active in the Danish Political Liberal Party for 25 years. Local politically engaged in Uldum for more than 30 years. Promotor of a long row of business activities on a local as well as a national basis. Worked as course leader and instructor at political and business courses. Founded in 1979 MEKU A/S and sold the firm on 31/12, 2000 to Løvens kemiske Fabrik. Member of various boards of directors in private firms.


We have arranged our life on a liberal attitude based on Grundtvig, combined with a social attitude, where the values of the near society have guided all our activity. We have been used to making decisions both for ourselves and for others on the basis of logical arguments, and we both work very structured and goal-directed.


Through our educations, registered accountant (Jytte) and mate, veterinarian, and manager (Knud), and through our many leisure-time activities in politics and society work we have both of us built up a strong network to many dedicated people of the society while at the same time we have from our own experience got to know the conditions of both the entrepreneur and the established.


With the experiences from an incredibly rich and active life we have since 1997 been running a unique course- and holiday center at Kolleruplund where we also have our home. The farm with its nature, where the sky never has the same color, where hares, roes, foxes, pheasants, partridges, herons and the red kite are daily visitors, where the nightingale sings from mid-May to Midsummer Day while there is a ground mist, and where we used to have our own domestic animals and a big vegetable garden, is a value we wish to share with others. On grounds of our age we have now closed down the course center and continue running the entire house as a fascinating holiday house.


We have learned that many people are forgetting or have never realized from where our food is coming, and how tasty real food can be, how exciting it is to cook together with others, and, not least, how important the daily food is to our health and well-being. We therefore attach great importance to an all-round kitchen garden that delivers the vegetables of the seasons and, together with raw materials purchased from good suppliers, make up our healthy food.


We believe that the respect for nature, which many people speak of in their holier-than-thou attitude, can be transformed into the running of a unique holiday house where we have chosen genuine materials in brick and wood, with solar heat and Finnish mass stove as the main heating units, and with the latest AV equipment, B&O music and sound centre, and an up-to-date large kitchen with own wine cellar and cold room, all of it in our beautiful surroundings.
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